Today was probably the first in a long time where all pax wore shorts and t-shirts… a welcome change from the ice and cold. 8 hearty pax, including 1 FNG, woke up, and go to work early

Warm-up: SSH x20, mountain climbers x15, IW x10, good morning x10, windmill x10, stretch

Jacob’s ladder – we went off road for this one – about 1/4 mile into the woods was the pipeline trail with many roots, branches, leaves, and mud to make it interesting – 100 yards down, 5 burpees, 100 yards back, 5 burpees, 100 yards down, 4 burpees, 100 yards back, …. you get the drift… head back 1/4 mile to home base

Enter the berkin – the evil manchild of the bear crawl and the merkin – start at one end of the soccer field – 18 yards of 4 bear crawls, 2 merkins, 4 bear crawls, 2 merkins, repeato… once at 18-yard line, walking lunge (not white shoe walking lunges, but tebows) to the opposite 18-yard line, then finish up with berkins (4 & 2) to the end line – turn around – tebow walking lunge to the 18-yard line, berkin from 18- to 18- (that was killer) then tebow it to the endline

off to the other soccer field for some jack webb madness – 1 merkin, 1 shoulder press, 2 merkins, 2 shoulder presses, 3 merkins…. 10 merkins, 10 shoulder presses
but thats not all… some pax didn’t feel sore enough.. so YHC introduced them to jebb wacks – 10 merkins, 1 shoulder press, 9 merkins, 2 shoulder presses, 8 merkins…. 1 merkin, 10 shoulder presses (while finishing up jebb wacks, we were witnesses to a falcon nearly taking floyd’s head off – the falcon then flew into the trees and came out with a rodent, be it squirrel, chipmunk, or mouse we do not know – it them took off… crazy)

off to the playground – split into 3 groups – 1 group did air squats, 1 group did pull ups (minimum of 5), and the third group ran the 100 yards between the groups – hand offs with each group – repeat the cycle at the end (2 times through)

on the way back, webb jack came to play – 10 merkins, 10 shoulder presses, 9 merkins, 9 shoulder presses, ….. 1 merkin, 1 shoulder press

Mary – YHC learned that CK, the godfather of F3Durham, had completed 245 merkins up until this point… his previous record was 271… we aimed to beat it
– 20 count 6″ leg raise, 10 merkins (255), 20 count low slow flutter, 10 merkins (265), 10 cadence count rosa-dollys/hello-litas/upstate box cutters, 10 merkins (275!!!), 30 cadence count LBCs


– a great effort by all pax; great to have CK there as well as our newest FNG, Jeff/Dauber – too bad he’s only visiting
– mud run next weekend… gonna be epic
– final weeks leading up to goruck
– more fun to come in the following weeks. don’t miss out on “The Resurgence”, May 10 at Old Chapel Hill Road Park – bring a FNG (or 3) and get ready for a FNG friendly event… don’t think we’re gonna take it easy on them…