4 pax got their day started off the F3 way

warm-up: SSH, good morning, windmills x?, 5 mountain climbers, 5 merkins, 5 MCs, 5 merkins, stretch

high knees down, 10 merkins, high knees back, 10 merkins
butt kicks down, 9 merkins, butt kicks back, 9 merkins
defensive slide down, 8 merkins, defensive slide back, 8 merkins
karaoke down, 7 merkins, karaoke back, 7 merkins
alternating high knees down, 6 merkins, alternating high knees back, 6 merkins

block party (i think the pavers were about 20lbs but who knows… felt like 50…)
bicep curls both arms, 21s, bicep curls single arm
overhead press x23423453475623453456
tricep extensions for a couple sets

circuit: rotate between jump rope, dips, plyometric merkins, and russian split squat jumps

walking lunge for along time with the block, mogul jumps x20, walking lunge with block back

repeat plyometrics – high knees with 5 merkins, butt kicks with 4 merkins, defensive slide with 3 merkins, karaoke slide with 2 merkins, alternating high knees with 1 merkin – then down and back dragon walk

mary: 6″ leg raise around, legs split around, rosalita x10, homer2marge x10, windshield wipers x20


– good work by the pax today…
– some pax think carolina dry docks mean merkins… we have to work on that
– this saturday, mad hatters in downtown durham at 0700 – THE F3 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS… i’d be there if i were you… bring a FNG…