Yesterday was billed as one of the greatest sports days ever. The Kentucky Derby and Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Man’s Day. So what better way to get the 24 PAX at Catalyst (including 2 FNGs) hyped than to do a Derby-Boxing mashup to start their day.

In the Derby, there’s a track and we had one. In boxing, they go 12 rounds, and we could do that too. Nothing cute; just 12 rounds on the track.

Brief Warm-up of SSH x 20, Good mornings x 20, and Fazio Arm Circles led by Fazio.

The Thang

Everyone on the starting line of the quarter mile track. Run a lap and at each turn, stop and do 10 of an exercise so that on each lap not only are you covering 0.25 mile, you also got in 40 reps of whatever was called. After each lap, we either planked or squat held while we waited for most of the PAX to get back together, and then we were off again.

Lap 1 – Merkens

Lap 2 – LBC

Lap 3 – Prisoner Squat

Lap 4 – Diamond Merkens

Lap 5 – Plank Jacks

Lap 6 – Monkey Humpers

Lap 7 – Wide grip merkens

Lap 8 – WW2 sit-ups

Lap 9 – Sumo Squats

Lap 10 – Burpees

Lap 11 – Ski Abs

Lap 12 – Star Jumps

Once everyone was in from Lap 12, we bear crawled from the track, up the stairs to the back lot and circled up for mary of box cutters, low slow flutter and 6 inch leg hold, 5 count around the circle. Thanks to Claven for taking us out and welcome FNGs Don Flaminco and LogJam.