Azul picked YHC up this morning for a #clowncar down to Chavis Park. It was my first time back since roughing up my ankle playing the young man’s game, basketball. What an absolutely beautiful day to be in the Gloom. We had some fine pax from Greenville, NC #clowncar up 264 to join us this morning. Thanks for posting guys. It was great having you and know that you’re welcome any time. Pleasantries were passed among the pax, but we had some bidniss to take care of. No FNGs but Yoda did say that a few had posted. Follow me!

Warmup COP in the lot below the track
Burpee x 10 OYO
Good Morning x 15
Merkin x 10
Imperial Walker x 15
Windmill x 15

Take the hill up to the track for a burpee Indian Run. Same as regular IR but before the last man sprints to the front he has to do a burpee then catch up. 2 laps around and finish where the track widens out into lanes.

Count off by fours and divide by odds/evens. Odds do AMRAP of called exercise, evens sprint from one light pole to other and back (app 100 yds total). Flapjack. Excercises were:
180 squat jump
Alt lunge

Mosey down to the retaining wall by the carousel for a modified Chong Li special
Box jump burpee x 20 OYO
Irkin x 20 OYO
L/R Step up x 20
Irkin x 15
L/R Step up
Decline Peter Parker x 10 (always painful)

Plankorama-Regular>Putin>Regular>Sarkozy>Regular>Chilcutt>Regular>Low plank hold>Regular
Regular plank>squat hold. Flapjack starting with a 5 second pause in each position. Each round I sped it up so that by the end we were quickly transitioning from plank to squat. #burner

Mosey to the tennis courts for four corners of burpee Tabata. 40 seconds AMRAP burpee, 20 seconds sprint to next corner and rest. 2 times through and this was an absolute #gasser
Ones-standard burpee
Twos-jump knee up burpee
Three-ski ab burpee
Four-Hand release merkin burpee

Mosey to the small hill by the building for 1-7 merkin Jacob’s Ladder.
Bear crawl up the hill, People’s Chair for a 10 count down the line.
Bear crawl down and back up the hill for a 30 count Balls to the Wall.

Mosey to the concrete in front of the Community Center
10 burpees OYO, 9 burpees OYO, 8, 7, 6…10. Out of time and needed Mary to save us.

MARY-led by the Greenville pax
Freddie Mercury x 15
Crunchy Frog x 15
American Hammer x 15

Lastly, YHC led the pax for a 40 count Nippler


Again, welcomed the ENC guys, talked a bit about F3 Dads, Arena next week (please go inside the courtyard Overdraft), GoRuck (HC or TR will torment you on the Twitters), BRR (space left on the last team???)

Prayers for Hushpuppy and his family.

Thank you so much for posting this morning. It was a fun group, not too much #mumblechatter, but just enough to keep things interesting. Great work by all of us today. Aye!