21, 15, 9….no, that’s not right….how about hill 1, hill 2, hill 3, hill 4….that’s better. A PAX of 17 turned out for my maiden Q.  And what better place to start then True Grit, the scene of my first post late last year.  A great place to work out but not to do any type of math.  With no FNGs and a really short disclaimer we got started.


WARMUP: SSH X 25, Good Mornings X 15, run past the boat house to the bridge.

HILL 1:  count off on the bridge, odd numbers are group 1 and even numbers are group 2.  Mumble chatter about numbers, PAX trying to count on fingers in dark.  Now QIC is confused and made a mental note to just count off by twos next time.  With the math worked out, we got down to it:  Group 1 runs to parking lot at top of hill: 21 Prisoner Squats, 15 Burpees, and 9 Bear Crawl Merkins.  Group 2 stays on the bridge: 21 LBCs, 15 WWII sit ups, 9 Knee Ups, repeato, squat hold until group 1 returns.  Groups reverse, squat hold when done for 10 count…recover on the run back to the top of the dam hill.

HILL 2: Group 1 bear crawls down the hill, 21 Monkey Humpers, 15 Merkins, 9 Burpees.  Group 2 21 LBCs, 15 WWII sit ups, 9 knee ups.  Groups reverse and squat hold when done.  Run to the other side of the dam to top of next hill.

HILL 3: Group 1 lunge walks down the hill…both groups perform same exercises as Hill 2 and reverse, plank when done.  10 count then on the run under Millbrook road to the second bridge on the neighborhood street.

HILL 4:  the PAX ran this hill together for 21 Prisoner Squats at street 1, 15 Burpees at street 2, 9 Bear Crawl Merkins at the stoplight.  Plank when done and recover on the run to the bridge.

Mary:  12 Burpee Squat Holds (down for a burpee coming up into the squat position, thanks Zima, I think?) with MacGruber delivering a True Grit 10 count for the last rep.#FeeltheBurn  Run to the parking lot for COT.

Prayers for all requests spoken and unspoken.

ManRam took us out.

Truly an honor to lead today.  Thanks for the opportunity and the support.