Tis the season….  BRR season and, most importantly, football season!! The week is upon us and it was time to deliver the first Bulldog beatdown of the week. All Tarheel’s were invited; 23 showed. In honor of the greatest Bulldog ever, Hershel Walker, we would keep it simple… push-ups and sit-ups. The plan: some BRR training followed by some football conditioning with some Hershel sprinkled in between. 4 for the pre-run…


Run down to the base of Rangecrest.

GM x 10, IW x 10, merkins x 10, LBC x 10

BRR Training

Run Rangecrest….. 5 light posts up and over the hill and back

Merkins x 10 at each pole = 100

Flutters x 25 until PAX arrived

Repeat with LBCs x 10 at each pole = 100

Box-cutters x 25 until the PAX arrived

2 line indian run back to Williams park

Swiss merkins x 10 until the PAX arrived

BRR training complete. Now time for football conditioning

WWII situps x 10

Sprint Ladder

2 x 10 yds – merkins x 10, LBC x 10

2 x 20 yds – merkins x 10, LBC x 10

2 x 30 yds – merkins x 10, LBC x 10

2 x 40 yds – merkins x 10, LBC x 10

2 x 30 yds – merkins x 10, LBC x 10

2 x 20 yds – merkins x 10, LBC x 10

2 x 10 yds – merkins x 10, LBC x 10

In honor of UGA’s top secondary in the country, a little WR/DB drill….. partner up

Partner 1 sprint 40 yds while partner 2 covers (backward run)

partner merkins x 20

Flapjack back

WWII sit-ups x 20

Circle up

High knee run in place; do a merkin when YHC calls down… about 10 merkins

6″ leg hold x 30 count, Flutter x 15, LBC x 15, Hammers x 15…. done.

Beaver took us out!

Announcements: 9/11 stair climb starts at 0645 Carter Finley, Sign up to Q!, No Whiplash 9/10, New AO at West Middlebrook off Strickland Wednesday at 0545 – Grady is the Q, Hit the Forum today

Prayer requests: Back to school and Labor Day travel


  • Deliverance, McGruber, Java and YHC hit the pre-run. Nice work, men.
  • Apparently Deliverance destroyed the public bathroom in between the pre-run and the workout. Poor kids….
  • The Tarheel mumblechatter was very low. Clearly Epoxy and Costco were no where to be found
  • While we didn’t quite hit Hershel Walker’s daily 1500 push-ups and 3500 sit-ups, we did knock out 220 merkins and 285 LBC/core. Throw in some hills and some sprints and a good time was had by all. Tis the season….

Always a pleasure.

Go Dawgs!