Small crowd at the Jungle this morning.  Was actually worried it may be a Sad Clown Solo run for me…but (2) of Raleigh’s finest – yes, Raleigh – cruised over just as i was about to put on the headphones and go for a jog…  So we did this instead…

WORKOUT:  Jog it winding around downtown over to the Epicenter – 3rd floor for a warm up.  SSH x 15.  Squat x 15.  Merkins x 15.

Run the Epicenter loop x 3:

  • down 2 flights, broad jump the bottom, up 2 flights. 7 burpees at the top.
  • Repeato with Bear crawl across the bottom.
  • Repeato with Crab Walk across the bottom.

Head out toward tryon St.  Run to the (4) pillars at Trade and Tryon for some Mary.  Dolley x 15.  Bicycle x 15.  Heels to Heaven x 15.  Knee Ups x 15.  Head down Tryon, Right on 5th…to the Muthaship.

Straight up the spiral of everyone’s favorite 12-story Mutha.  Die a little at the top.  Circle/Triangle up.

#crowdpleaser – Name that Tune tabata.  25 seconds on, 10 second rest.  Name that Tune in order.  Miss it – burpees instead of called exercise rotation.  Proceed with mostly classic rock, a little country and alternatives sprinkled in.  Maybe a Notorious B.I.G.  Lots of Squats.  Mountain Climbers, LBCs, Flutter, and a whole lotta Burpees!

Run home about 7:55 to Marshal Park for COT. Takeout by yours truly.


Blessed to have two brothers down from Raleigh pax – in fact the only other two jungle attendees. In town for the panthers game the night before – I hope the QC’s workout was less disappointing than the way Cam and the boys played Friday night.  There’s still time, but we gotta pick things up if we want to get back to the big dance this year.  Really enjoyed the workout with Hasselhoff and Old Maid – thanks for venturing out after a night of football and beers.  Strong work by both – i was smoked by the end.

Name that Tune Tabata is always an adventure.  Old Maid showed impressive musical knowledge and depth of genre – nailing most of the classics and even some 311 and Foo Fighters.  Widespread and Biggie Smalls however, remained elusive.  Understandable.  Hasselhoff had some big wins too, but acknowledged up front that we should all be ready to do some burpees.  And we did.

For those not doing BRR – or the crazy ones who are and want an extra painful Sunday – be sure to check out the website for Raleigh’s 9/11/16 remembrance Stair climb.  #neverforget

What a beautiful, although muggy day in Charlotte.  Let us all continue to remember how blessed we are for the so many gifts we have.  To be thankful for F3 and the men who push us beyond our limits.  Give thanks, and most importantly, give back.

Jungle Fit Test is coming….