SSH IC x 20
Imperial Walkers IC x 10
Squats IC x 10
Merkins 3-1 x 10

The Thang:

Part A:

PAX partner up. Teams of two take turns flipping a 350lb tractor tire around a 400m track. Then take a lap holding a truck tire overhead. Lastly, take a lap holding two 25-pound dumbbells.

PAX that are “on deck” perform multiple sets of merkins x 10, squats x 20, jump lunges x 10, WWII x 10, LBCs x 20, and burbees.

Part B:

PAX take turns rolling the tractor tire down the road. Each time a new PAX rolls the tire, they choose an activity for the group including: burpees, decline merkins, squats, WWII, etc.

After a half mile, ditch the tractor tire and sprint back to parking lot. Plank until all PAX return.

No time for Mary.