An abbreviated cast and schedule was necessitated on a squishy and sloppy Durham dawn. Most of the PAX were either on-call or summoned to the principal’s office for various transgressions, leaving only Doogie, Floyd and Shooter to mix it up … and at that Doogie and Floyd had lame excuses about special training session requirements at work.

So anyway …

A quick warmup and then Shooter led the Lucky 7s:

* 7 Burpees

* 7 Air Squats

* 7 Jump Lunges

*7 Merkins

*7 Close-Grip Merkins

*7 Carolina Dry Docks

*7 Plank Walk-Ups

* A 70-yard sprint (35 yards across the center Duke East Campus quad, 35 back).

You guessed it: seven circuits …. and then Doogie and Floyd scattered off to points unknown, leaving Shooter to mosey over to Watts School to play on the monkey bars. It was all fun while it lasted.