“This is why, Why we fight, Why we lie awake, This is why, This is why we fight . . . So come to me, Come to me now, Lay your arms around me. And this why, This is why we fight.” – The Decemberists, This is Why We Fight.

8 Pax took a hiatus from the regular Saturday workout to participate in the Komen Race for the Cure 5K at Meredith College.  An amazing turnout despite the soggy and humid conditions.  F3 Raleigh represented well, with four placing in the top 100 and all finishing in the top 30% of the Competitive division with a field of over 1800.

This was YHC’s first Komen race.  Definitely a bittersweet experience but a memorable one as well.  Running alongside many folks who themselves or those they love deeply are either in the midst of the battle or have already been taken by it and those celebrating the joy of victory in the fight was both sobering and inspiring.  Among those was our own Lamp, whose M is a survivor since 2010.  Maize and I share a mutual friend who is fighting the battling right now.  Numerous other personal connections among the Pax, I’m sure.  The turnout shows just how many women and lives have been affected by breast cancer, but it is also a testament to what an incredible movement and support network has formed as a result.  For our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends and countless others – this is why we run, and this is why we fight.

  • Huge props to Caddie for taking the lead in getting an F3 team together and raising support for the effort.  #LeadershipInAction
  • Tclaps to Lamp and Enron for leading the way with strong finishes, with a tip of the cap to Plebe and Minnie for pushing them throughout.
  • Have to note that White Shoe crushed his best pre-F3 5K time by over 13 minutes.  Post race test results are still pending, but it should be noted that Ben Johnson was nowhere in the vicinity at the time of the event.  Assuming he’s clean, that’s one hell of an improvement.  Might be something to this whole F3 thing.
  • Headlock a buddy this week.  Looking to have 40+ at Pullen this Saturday.
  • Prayers and peace to the Moore family with whom Enron shares a mutual friend.  The Moores recently lost their only son Peyton at age 9.  Peyton’s birth inspired his dad, Noah, to lose over 100 pounds.  Noah grew up without a father, but by all accounts he was an incredible dad to Peyton.  Here’s a Facebook post to Noah from a good friend that I feel compelled to share:  “God sent Peyton here to save your life Noah. And to enable you to show the world what a real father is like.”  Please lift the Moores up when you have a moment.