So first thing, Chong Li shows up looking like Merlin from “The Sword in the Stone” sporting the Bermuda getup. After everyone accepted the sheer genius of wearing a brightly colored bathing suit on a morning like this one, in-lieu of proper bad ass sporting wear, it was time to get started.

We were off to a better than expected start. The rain had let up, past injuries and general soreness had faded and everyone was in good spirits. We ran over to the previous home of Cardinal Gibbons HS where Chong Li gave us a brief history lesson and then we did some Imperial Walkers, Cannon Balls and Windmills. We decided that was enough warm up and moved out nodding to Our Lady of Graces as we passed through the former campus.

We found our way over to the Rocky Branch Trail, after a small but easily swept under the rug detour, made our way past Pullen and Central Prison and entered the Dix campus.

We found a nice Soccer field which provided an opportune place for some more core work. Since the rain had been surprisingly light up to that point, I selected a nice spot with about an inch of standing water in which we proceeded with some alternating oblique crunches, Russian hammers and flutter kicks. I heard a lot of complaining coming from the post GoRuck section of the peanut gallery, but as I said on site, one shouldn’t brag about how quickly their soreness dissipated after said event and not expect some retribution.

After the Soccer field, we headed over to what I am going to Christen: “The Extra Big Ass Field”. Any of you “Idiocracy” fans know what I’m talking bout. Anyway, it is in fact an extra big ass field buried behind the Farmers Market and adjacent to Centennial Campus. A perfect place to do a burpee run. Its like He Sees Me but with burpees. We ran across the field dropping down to do an undisclosed number of burpees, jumped up and ran some more. That thoroughly gassed me and I suspect or at least hope it did the others too. Sproles then alerted us that we better get a move on back to the cars as we only had 12 minutes left. Sproles is our dedicated time keeper at the Wolf Run since I am too cheap and lazy to purchase a watch. His ability to read digital numbers off a screen is uncanny. Plus I think he enjoys the responsibility. With his advice heeded, we rolled out to finish the last mile of the run all in all about 3-1/4 miles.