8 PAX braved the 37 degrees and rain for some field work Tuesday morning at Field of Dreams.  Only one sprained ankle to show for it Рbut Ma Bell soldiered on.

After some quick warm up figure 8s, we circled up at the baseball for some warm up exercises.

Good morning x18, Windmill x27, Goofball x18, Peter Parker x18, Mountain Climber x18

The thang

Circle the fields – stopping between fields and at center field for the following

9 Diamond merkins, 9 plank jacks, 9 squats, 9 decline merkins/ 9 dips, 9 quick feet, 9 count peoples chair, 9 incline merkins, 9 Carolina Dry Docks

Stairs – split in 2 groups – first group peoples chair, second group down stairs, hop up right leg, run down, hop up left leg, run down, hop up both feet, run down, double time up – switch with first group

Repeat – Circle the fields – 2nd time through – the Pax made it with no injuries

Run through dark tunnel path – then under bull dozer – and dodging other construction equipment to the rock pile – each pax grab a rock for each hand

rocks out wide, 10 count, rock curls x10, rocks out straight 10 count, rock overhead press x 10 – repeat

Finally – over to the shelter for some relief from the rain and some Mary – Xs and Os, WW2s and LBCs.

COT – prayers for Ma Bells ankle

Bert took us out with a tribute to Saturday message about – “get to” vs “have to”

Thanks all