Alright F3ers! Race season approaches and this race needs to be on your schedule.

The Carolina Spartan Sprint will be at Porter Farms in Concord, NC (just north of Charlotte). For those who ran last year – yes this is the same venue.  Hopefully a little drier this time.  For those who have run the Whitewater Center events, this one has less drastic terrain but still plenty of climbing to test your quads.

The Spartan Sprint is about 4 miles long with 15 or so obstacles.  It is a great first Spartan race, but also a real challenge and chance to run fast for the veterans.  Any F3 man can finish and most will place very well.  For the last three years F3 has owned this events’ open race and some of you speedsters contend for the podium in the elite heat. So, whether you lead the pax or hang toward the back and enjoy the fellowship, THIS IS THE RACE FOR YOU.

Run this race. Here is why:

  1. You will run, you will jump, you will carry heavy things, you will bear crawl, you will crawl-crawl, you will do things that stretch your physical and mental endurance.  Just like an early morning in the gloom with F3.
  2. Speaking of being just like an F3 workout.  F3 is running Spartan specific bootcamps on Friday morning at the Gauntlet and Sparta.  Junction will be firing up on Sunday morning for guys we need a second fix for the week.  See the F3 website for details on these workouts.
  3. For those of you who have done this before, you know the deal.  For those of you who haven’t, ask your F3 brothers.  To a man they will tell you this is a great race.
  4. You get to throw a spear and jump over fire.
  5. It’s good to bas$$ around in your brand spanking new F3 race jersey with close to 100 of your F3 brothers.
  6. Marine Corps Mudrun is April 11.  This is a great doubledown opportunity.  Walk (or hobble) with pride on Monday morning after tackling both of these challenging races.

Convinced?  Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Click the registration button for the SUNDAY, April 12 race.
  3. Follow the directions from there.  You may need to set-up a ChronoTrak account if you don’t already have one, but you might be able to register as a guest.
  4. Choose to register as a Team Member.  Type in “F3NATION” (no spaces).
  5. Sign up under the general morning start times.  NOT any confirmed start time.
  6. Click the earliest set of options you have for start times (other than confirmed starts).  I don’t know what our heat will be, but we will all run together if you sign up under the team name.
  7. Use discount code “F3NATION” during checkout to receive the F3 discount.
  8. Post a comment to this page letting all know that you HC’d.

Send emails to if you have any questions.

That is all.