Pack Man kicking with Square Toe (photo credit Cee-Lo)
Pack Man kicking with Square Toe (photo credit Cee-Lo)

Yep, YHC’s calendar was 4/15, but Hopebuilder was more prominent on the iPhone as YHC checked the time.  After a full day on the road for work, YHC came in on two wheels just before go time to visit with Dufresne.  There were several cars in the driveway, all with Alabama tags.  Looks like the tide had rolled in.  No doubt, members of Dufresne’s family from back home.  Sure enough, YHC met Dufresne’s mom, sister, niece and her nine-month old son.

The Thang:
YHC headed upstairs and announced his presence to find Dufresne with a grin on his face.  Dufresne’s mother, sister, and YHC exchanged stories about Dufresne including a doozy about Dufresne getting an initiation “haircut” during high school.  Something between a mohawk and the letter “A” shaved in his head.  At the time, Dufresne’s mom explained he was blonde.  After shaving his head so it could all grow back at the same length, his hair came back dark.  Dufresne’s mom then shared that Dufresne’s barber came by recently to give him a haircut, confirming what most men know.  Once you find a good barber, you stick with them…period.  Dufresne has had the same barber since coming to North Carolina.  Having a barber come to you when you can’t come to them says a lot.  T-Claps to Dufresne’s barber!  Another example of kind gestures to help Dufresne and his family.

Speaking of kind gestures, check out the photos Cee-Lo took after arranging for Dufresne’s son Pack Man (Braxton) to meet and kick with Square Toe (Jeremy Shelley).  Yes, that’s the same Jeremy Shelley who played for the University of Alabama @jeremyshelley90.  Pack Man has great form as you can see via the link below.  T-Claps to Cee-Lo for making this happen, for sharing the photos with the PAX via Twitter earlier this month, and for stepping up to find a way to be of comfort to Dufresne and his family.  T-Claps to Square Toe for sharing the time with Pack Man, which left a huge impression.  Pack Man’s smile says it all!

Cee-Lo’s Photos of Pack Man kicking with Square Toe

YHC closed out the visit and let Dufresne know Cinderella would be back Thursday, with Tony Robbins and Gnard Dogg coming by on Good Friday.


  • T-Claps to the PAX and site QICs across the region who continue to lift Dufresne and his family in prayer at every COT.  It is greatly appreciated by the family and YHC.
  • YHC discussed with MDufrense the ideal time for the PAX from F3 to visit, stressing respect for family time.  Response: Any time is a good time if you want to visit with Dufresne.  To make things easier for the PAX to visit, and minimize time away from work, all future visits will be scheduled for 5:00 pm.  The Google Doc signup sheet reflects the change.  Sign up – it’s a great chance to share fellowship/stories and assist a brother and his family in need.
  • With so many Alabama references in this backblast, YHC can only hope it earns the White Shoe seal of approval. BTW – solid prayer this morning at The Blitz.

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