The Lord brought the thunder… and lots of rain. Hushpuppy had the chocolate thing covered. 8 PAX showed up to battle the elements, shoulder-press water jugs and even swept up Pullen Park.

Warm Ups: SSH x 24, Imperial Walkers x 31, Mountain Climbers x 30

Head to the picnic pavilion before starting the “Office” circuit. Jog to the steps, side-shuffle (left) up the ramp and around to the walking path, side-shuffle (right) to the mini-steps, quick feet through the poles, then 20 dips OYO. Jog to next set of mini-steps, quick fee through the poles, then 20 Erkins OYO. Side-shuffle (left) across the bridge, switch and side-shuffle (right) from the gazebo and across the second bridge. High-knee back to picnic pavilion.

Start the Office Circuit in pairs:

  • Station 1: 15 – Overhead shoulder presses with 5-gallon water jug or landscaping bricks.
  • Station 2: 15 – Curls with landscaping bricks.
  • Station 3: Bunny hop up steps to 2nd blacktop area
  • Station 4: 15 – Dips
  • Station 5: Push-broom sweeps (alternate left, right)
  • Station 6: 10 – Left Oblique side-bends w/ 5-gallon water jug; 10 – Right Oblique side-bends w/ 5-gallon water jug
  • Station 7: Step-ups (15-count)

** REPEAT** (Only 15 dips/erkins this time… Replaced high-knee run with bear crawl and lunge walk)

Circle up for Mary: LBC’s x 25, Rosalitas x 25, Homer to Marge’s x 25, & WWII sit-ups x 25


Prayer request update from New Mexico as he lifted up a little girl battling brain cancer. Hushpuppy asked for prayer over his Uncle and father who are battling cancer.  Hushpuppy led prayer. We complained one last time about how wet we were.