The shovel flag was planted for 2+ hours at Fletcher Park this morning as close to 30 PAX got their work in over the course of three morning options, 6 of them completed all 3…..AYE! 3/4 of the reigning Nimble Panda owners collaborated for the following.

The Thang:

Run to upper parking lot with 2 laps, then bear crawl one lap followed by a crab walk for another and then a  final lap before circling up

C.O.P. : Mountain Climbers x 25, Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Carolina Dry Docks, Nipplers x 15, Diamond Merkins x 8 (Something is missing, can’t remember)…run to amphitheater

Triple B Pyramiid: Line up at base, PAX performs a Burpee followed by a broad jump and then a box jump, repeat to the top…run to the lamp post & back. 9 times, Burpee count was 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1

Go to shelter, each PAX does 5 pull-ups…..mosey to tennis courts.

Suicide Court in Session


Merkins 10x

Peoples Chair


Squats 10x

Balls to the Wall


Mekins 10x

Squats 10x

Balls to the Wall

People’s Chair



LBC 10x

Rosalita 10x

Dolly 10x

Reverse LBC 10x

WW2 10x

COT with prayer by Abu Nazeer


-Welcome back Abu Nazeer! Good to see you back in the gloom.

– TD = Triple Down ….. there were 6 of us

-Order a F3 Raleigh shirt, T-claps to Shaggy’s work on that design. Check out Freed to Lead.

-A few Kotters are reappearing this week, a few this morning in 30 degree weather. Start EHing new and old people, it’s getting nice out there.