7 Pax made it out to the new/temporary site for Kickstarter.  In the wake of some vandalism at Leesville Library we have temporarily moved to Lake Lynn Community Center off Ray road.  Nice site, might be a candidate for a permanent move, who knows.  Today’s workout featured the long awaited return of Erie!  Great job getting back in the saddle!  The snow was still present but the parking lots have been plowed so off into the gloom we go.

The Thang


  • Jog around the parking lot
  • Good Mornings x10
  • Modified Jack Web (merkins x1, squat x1, arm raises x1 build up to 10 for all three)

Head for the tables

  • Lunge skip half way down parking lot row
  • Bear crawl the other half
  • Squat hold x10
  • Jog to the picnic tables
  • 11s with Irkins and Dips (YHC apparently spaced out and forgot how to count to 11 here.. thanks for being a good sport guys.. we might have done a few extra. haha)

Tennis Courts

  • Walking Fazios x20
  • Walking reverse Fazios x20
  • Arrive at the tennis courts
  • Balls to the wall x20
  • Sprint to other side
  • People’s chair x10
  • Sprint Back
  • Repeato BTW 15,10,15,20  PC 10,10,10,10
  • Long ass paint the lines on the tennis courts with burpees on the ends 10 total (rucks off)
  • Plank-o-rama
  • WWII situps x15
  • Slow Flutter x20
  • Long ass paint the lines with Jump squats on the ends 10 total
  • Rucks back on .. mozy to the Community center


  • LBCs x20
  • Freddie Mercuries x20
  • Homer to marge x20
  • Left leg Bridge march x10
  • Right leg Bridge March x10
  • Merkin Plateau (ok supposed to be a pyramid but YHC messed this one up.. singlewide mocked YHC mercilously.. 5,wait,10,wait,10,wait,5,wait)


  • Tclaps to Erie for making it out today!  Its good to have you back!
  • Prayers for the young men that vandalized the library (and their families).. hopefully they will find a better path.
  • 3/7 Converence at Pullen 0600 EC, 0645 regular workout
  • 3/15 Q school
  • 4/11 Mud Run (you can still sign up)
  • October Go Ruck Custom in the works – YHC and Singlewide are your Qs
  • YHC took us out