Misty-eyed and nostalgically pensive, a lone Friar surveyed the red-brick hallowed halls that once forged, molded and refined a younger man, unschooled in the ways of life, culture… And, yes, the ladies. Friar Tuck, circa 1982-83. A new world man, one might say.

Once upon a time, these were called the junior high years. And though certainly delivering many a scar, these years also bore the fruits of shenanigans aplenty.

Thus, on the eve of Thanksgiving, this good Friar did point the compass northward, journeying to the dark and forbidding lands that served as an adolescent cropland more than three decades gone by: West Millbrook Middle School (aka F3Detention).

With stories to spin and tales to retell, the Friar gathered the other lads in close, promising stories of wonder and woe, as well as a heaping Thanksgiving helping of physical suffering to accompany. Welcome given, warning issued, and the men journeyed back in time… Commentary sprinkled throughout as follows:

SSH / Good Mornings OYO / Windmills OYO / Mericans x15 / Imperials

> Here, the OYO was a practical necessity. Allowed space for describing Mr. Brown’s math class, in which Tuck’s mathematical skills were not honed. Nevertheless, all was not lost. This dilapidated trailer was the setting for an all-important encounter with Eric Szecker’s school folder, emblazoned with the cover of RUSH’s astounding 1981 album, Moving Pictures. When this Friar questioned young Szecker about said notebook and learned of its meaning, Moving Pictures quickly rose to the top of the Tuck Christmas list. The needle dropped on Tom Sawyer, and life was never the same. #meanmeanstride
> Here also, Tuck’s did recount his first kiss with a young maiden by the name of Kristie ________. (Name redacted to protect the young and lovestruck) Only recollection of this event: halitosis. #jrhighlove

A tall set of stairs graces the northern border of the West Millbrook grounds. Concrete steps stacked twelve high. The type that our man Waldo would have Ollied like a boss back in the day. Gather at the bottom for four sets:

. Bunny hops x3 / Irkins x10x3
. Right-Leg Hops x3 / Dirkins x10x3
. Left-Leg Hops x3 / Dips x10x3
. Double stairway sprints x3 / Box Jumps x10x3

> During the course of this stairway set, the now-seasoned Tuck continued to unravel tales of yore, relaying the day on which Sarah ______ (Name redacted to protect the innocent) happily agreed to a deep and meaningful commitment with a then-sweat-soaked Friar at the end of band class. However, carrying a large trumpet case in one hand and a bowling-ball-like duffle bag containing the trusty Trapper Keeper and roughly 30 lbs of books (aka early GORUCK inspiration), there would be no hand holding during the commute from 1st period band class and homeroom. But alas, to the chagrin of young Tuck, the fair and young lass found a way to bring this youthful venture to a close just two days later. #loveandlifearedeep

Next stop, the brick-walled courtyard between the vocational building and gym.

Run the walls, with stops at each corner for:
. Round 1: Burpees x10 per corner (People’s Chair in between)
. Round 2: Aquamans x10 per corner (People’s Chair in between)
. Round 3: Reverpees x10 at 2 corners, x5 at 2 corners (People’s Chair in between)

> Between rounds, in keeping with the Dean Smith mention, the Friar recollected a $5 bet placed with a lad by the name of John ______ (name redacted to protect the overconfident). Young John sought out an unsuspecting NCAA neophyte for bracket picks, but was foiled when the unschooled Friar simply placed the boyhood-favored Wolfpack at the top of the bracket and worked backward from there. The year was 1983. With great angst and disbelief, young John made good on his bet, perhaps learning a valuable lesson regarding the proverbial pride and fall. #dontputhimdownasarrogant

Now on to a surprise for the PAX. Out on the field surrounded by the running track, two small goals marked by cones and a soccer ball.

> The 1983 Wildcats went undefeated for the season and unscored upon with the first nine of ten opponents. No West Millbrook homecoming could be complete without kicking the paneled ball around a bit. #livinginthelimelight

PAX split into two teams of six for a 615am head-to-head match.
Team scored upon: Burpees x10
Scoring Team: Plank it out

Final Score
Team A: 2 Team B: 1

A well fought outing. Fellowship pace back to the launch.

Minijax x20


. The PAX were patient with a nostalgia-laden sojourn with the Friar.
. Tuck was not the lone WMMS alum in the band. Tinker Toy also roamed these esteemed outdoor walkways.
. Also of note, CDC showed that his ball-handling on the pitch has not substantially diminished.
. There was also mention in the brick courtyard of lunchtime games of Wall Ball. Deliverance, Tinker Toy and others fondly recalled many a Wall Ball competition, complete with the inevitable spread-eagle pelting that comes with it.
. Superstar also confirmed that the Wall Ball tradition has endured and is a staple among his fellow 2.0 comrades.

. Only sites on Turkey Day will be Art Museum @ 6, and Carroll Middle @ 7.
. F3 team doing Ridgewood Turkey Trot as well.
. Haven House dinner is 12/15. Many ways you can help – Sign up here
. F3 Christmas party is 12/19 @ Little City Brewing

. For a friend of Papercut, newly diagnosed with breast cancer.
. For all PAX, relating well to family during Thanksgiving.

This Friar finished with a final word:
It was during these same junior high years that, with little to no human assistance, the God of all things powerfully pointed me to himself. Each week as we confessed our sins in the prayer of confession in church, I knew I needed forgiveness. And as we then approached the Table and ate the Bread and drank from the Cup, I knew I was forgiven, and I was thankful. Encouraging to know that God will find a way to get through to us. We simply have to be ready for him. So men, let’s be ready for him.

Detention Brass, thanks for the homecoming invite.
Tuck, out.