3 PAX  and 1 k9 took advantage of the warmish weather and were the lucky participants of YHC’s experimental hybrid activity. This activity is guaranteed* to transform you like the famous Family Matters invention above. Good times were had by all.


*you should NOT rely on any claims by YHC


The Thang:


Run to church lot:

SSH x30

imperial walker x20

good morning x10

windmill x10

SSH x20

merkin x10


run back to OEC lot:


Escalator Suicides

Suicides in the OEC lot with an added twist. Each suicide involved running to 3 cones, with an exercise after each cone. After running to the first cone and back: merkins. After the second cone and back: body squats. After the third cone and back: burpees. Suicide #1: one of each exercise. #2: two of each . . . #10: ten of each.


plank circle: plank holds while each PAX counted to 10 twice. Rest and repeat.


6 MoM:

LBC x20

rosalita x10

dolly x10

long slow flutter x10

LBC x15






F3 Churham 2nd F at Bailey’s will begin next Wednesday (4/9). We’ll have it on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month starting at 6:30. Should be a fun time.


Orders on the new shirts will go until 4/8. We want to make sure they’re ready for the Tar Heel Ten Miler. Order them here: http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/nc-chapel-hill/products/f3-chapel-hill-under-armour-shirts