Spring break broke out this week.  While Candlestick and The Situation got their tan on at the beach, 8 PAX (including two FNG’s) showed up on the creek bank to do our thang.  YHC gave the disclaimer that since he is participating in an old man soccer game tonight (which, I’m noticing that the older I get, the more my soccer games resemble the soccer games of my 4 year old child…standing around, kicking wildly, lots of crying and really, we’re all just there for the refreshments) this workout would major on upper body, and almost totally neglect cardio and legs.  Plus, during Spring Break the girls check out the chest and guns, bro.  Who cares about the legs?  Here’s how it went:


  • Jog around the field (swing by the parking lot to pick up a latecomer)
  • Windmills x 24
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • SSH x 25
  • Good Mornings x 25
  • Mericans x 15
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 10

Tree Trot

Count off in 1’s and 2’s.  1’s on the line, 2’s hang back

  • 1’s run down, stopping at every tree.  1st tree, 5 Standard Mericans.  2nd tree, 5 Wide Mericans.  3rd tree, 5 Diamond Mericans.
  • 2’s hang back and do 10 Burpees, People’s Chair, 20 LBC’s
  • Flapjack


Jog to the Spideycourse.

  • 1’s Spiderman up the railing
  • 2’s Left Right Step Up’s x 20
  • Flapjack
  • Repeato
  • Rapid Spidey (4 quick runs up the rails, without stopping, and trying to not get in Kanye’s way as he Larry Byrd’s up the rails like a freakin machine)

The Wheelbarrow

Jog to the field.  Pair off

  • First man wheelbarrow’s 10 steps, does 10 Mericans, repeato to the end of the field
  • Flapjack

Push and Pull

Jog to the playground

  • 1’s on the wall, 2’s on the bars
  • 1’s do 10 Walking Derkins on the wall
  • 2’s do 10 pullups
  • Flapjack


Only legs of the day!

  • Left Right Step ups x 25
  • Jump Ups x 20ish?


Jog to the LZ

  • LBC’s x 25
  • 6″, 10 count around the circle
  • Poke The Hole x 20 (In honor of The Situation)
  • Box Cutters x 15
  • Regular Ole Busted Up Crunches x 20


  • Tweetsie took us out.


  • Mud Run is coming up.  So is The Ruck.  Both will be messy in their own way.
  • Two FNG’s today!  Both hung in there well, and say they will return.  They aren’t all this push-up centric, boys.  Promise.  Unless Money Hose is leading.  Then it’s worse.
  • Will Money Hose ever make a cameo at The Crick again?  We’re starting to think that his high school girlfriend is right about him.  He never calls.
  • Cotters to Birkenstock.  Glad you made it back from Vegas and Asia.
  • Great having Single Wide with us on the creek bank.
  • Hope The Situation and Candlestick enjoy the coast.  SPRING BREAK!!!!