This PAX of 21 was all business today and were ready for a meathead focused workout and that’s exactly what they got. if speed and finesse is what you wanted today, you went to the wrong place..


run around the parking lot and then circle up at the basketball court for:

SSH x20, Mountain Climbers x15, Merkins x10, Good Mornings x15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 16

The Thang:

pick a partner and mosey on over the jungle gym for:

  • pullups x 30 (collectively)
  • derkins** x 40 (collectively)
  • pullups x 30 (collectively)
  • diamond derkins** x 40 (collectively)
  • pullups x 20 (collectively)
  • wide grip derkins** x 40 (collectively
  • **note – all derkins were performed with one partner in plank position serving as incline

then mosey on over to the ditch to grab a rock and then:

  • rock thrusters x 20
  • Russian hammer x 10
  • rock thrusters x 20
  • Russian Hammer x 10
  • Rock thruster x 20
  • Russian hammer x 10
  • rock swing x 20
  • LBC x 15

Then, reconnect with partner, and  mosey BACK to the jungle gym for:

*toes to bar x 20 (collectively)

*WWII sit-ups x 20

*toes to bar x 20 (collectively)

*Mac-Tar-Ji x 10

then mosey on over to the tennis courts for:

Partner 1 doing star jumps while partner 2 bear crawls to other baseline and runs back – 100 star jumps total


Partner 1 does suicides (baseline of each court and back) while partner 2 does LBCs. Each partner does suicides twice


Carolina Dry Dock x 20



Mud Run April 11th. looking for drivers who aren’t participating in the run but want to help out

Prayer requests:

Peach Pit’s dad is getting ready to have open heart surgery

Mr. Bigglesworth’s mom is dealing with severe GERD

Cherie Berry eloquently took us out

As always, a pleasure to lead!