This week the Forge celebrates 2 years as the best Tuesday workout in Raleigh.  YHC didn’t know this till reaching the AO, it wouldn’t have mattered for planning purposes.  Though billed as not FNG friendly, & despite a little Twitter banter from the pax, to his surprise, YHC was greeted by an FNG he had invited some weeks before, no worries, he would be one running towards the front all morning anyway.  As the remaining pax arrived a disclaimer was given and we were off.

The Thang:

Run randomly through the grounds, around the buildings, through the playground, to the carousel for a Robert Plant, back around and to the stone circle for a quick warm-up circle, SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Windmills x 15, back to the run.

Jog around far side of lake, lunge walk first bridge, bear crawl around gazebo on GPI, plank-o-rama for a while, Makhtar N’Diaye x 15, Mericans x 15, plank some more, recover.

R&R back down the front side of the lake up the stairs by the carousel, to the round shelter up top. L/R Step-ups x 20, Ericans x 15, repeat x 15 & x 10, & one more time x 10 & x 5.

R&R up through the cul-de-sac, past the tennis courts to the rock pile, select wisely as it was the last day of march, then head back to the courts for another COP, curls x 20, pass the rock (PTR), triceps extensions x 15 PTR, bent row x 15 PTR,  repeat & PTR between each set.  Find a comfy spot for your rock by the fence and don’t crowd as you will be spending time with your rock there.  To the doubles line for suicides, first round run out back pedal back.  YHC had made a joking statement in rock COP not to wake the folks sleeping on the benches in-between the courts only to realize in the first round of suicides we did actually have a sleeper on one of the benches, we ran they stayed. Back to your rock for peoples chair holding your rock straight out then up for 30 count.  Back to the line for more suicides, regular, & back pedal out then run in, back to the fence for BTW for a 30 count.  Back to the line for another round of suicides, regular this time, rocks back to their homes.

R&R over the high bridge, down the stairs and back towards the starting point, on the way YHC encouraged by Franzia into an all out sprint made the call to give it all you got with a loop added around the carousel, then back to the stone circle for a few minutes of Mary.

Mary:  LBC’s x 40, Hammers x 20, 6″ for a five count through a pax of 17.


The Skin:  Pleased to see the attendance of so many regulars of the Forge & some not so regular.  YHC definitely considers the Forge a home base of sorts.  Good to see FNG Village People, Kyle Kuster.  Kyle works up the hill at the Alexander Y.  Great work by all, always honored to lead.  YHC reminded pax that no matter what you’ve done or may do, you will not disrupt God’s plan for His people.  If you know Him, share Him with someone who doesn’t, if you don’t, ask someone who does.

Pergo took us out in a mighty prayer to Christ Himself!