YHC’s intent this morning was to move and then keep moving but disguise it so that it doesn’t appear as though there’s a lot of running involved.
The solution this morning was 11’s in multiple locations with some distance between them thrown in. I think it worked out pretty nicely.
Although unlike most magicians YHC IS telling how the trick works.

The Warm Up:
20 x SSH IC
15 x IW IC
10 x GM IC
10 x WM IC
10 x KDK IC

The Thang:
Mosey out of the Total Life Center Parking lot and catch a right and then another right at the gate.
Go down the slight hill for 11’s #1
Murican’s x Squats

LBC’s till all pax are done then as a group do 30 oyo

As quick as you can get to the steps at the lake for…
11’s #2
Plank Jacks x Mountain Climbers

Murican Hammers till all pax are done then as a group do 15 oyo

As quick as you can get to the kiosk at the bottom of the hill for…
No time for 11’s #sadface.
Burpee Ladder – 1 at the top 2 at the bottom 3 at the top up to 5

Backwards mosey to the Billy Run Starting line.
All Pax not named Largemouth get a nice sizable lead/advantage with our only goal being to get back to the start before him.
Sidenote: Large lapped us on both sets of 11’s and finished first on the burpees and got to each location before everyone else. He had to go down. So don’t feel bad for him.
AND yet he still managed to get there right at the top of the pack. #unstoppable


Announcments – ATT Ruck coming up, Convergence on Monday 07/04 at the Art Musuem 7am.
Prayer Concerns – Banjo’s Family, Ollie’s Dad, Callie and Fam.
YHC lead us in prayer.

Not much to say that hasn’t been said before. Just thankful for the friendship and comradely of the pax. Coming up on 2 years in the gloom and can’t say enough how much F3 has changed my life for the better. 100 times AYE!!!