A PAX of 29 was welcomed to the jungle for fun and pain.

Warm Up:
Jog to bank parking lot near Six Forks, circle up for:
Good mornings x 15
Seal Jacks (thanks Duff) x 15
Merkins x 20
Ski Abs x 15

The Thang:

Jog across Six Forks to Bagel Hill
Partner Up -Wheelbarrow up and back down, flapjack
Orwell Special- Gorilla up, backward bear crawl down.

Jog to Chuey’s grassy knoll:

Partner Up-
Round 1- Partner 1 jump ups on bench AMRAP while partner 2 runs across field to other side, completes 10 merkins, run back. Flapjack. Continue until each pair completes 100 total jump ups. LBC until PAX finishes.

Round 2- Partner 1 decline merkins on bench AMRAP, partner 2 run across field 10 star-jumps , run back. Flapjack. Continue until each pair completes 100 total decline merkins. GSP (goose shit plank)(Costco) until PAX completes task.

Round 3- Partner 1 dips on bench AMRAP, partner 2 run across field 10 jump shot burpees, run back. Flapjack. Continue until each pair completes 125 dips. GSP until PAX finishes.

Mosey back towards Six Forks quick bear crawl up hill to World of Beer. Run past Bagel hill hop up steps to Six Forks and accross to

The Pit-
Grab a rock, circle up:
– pass it to the brother on your right, Curls x 20
-pass rock to right, triceps extensions x15
– pass rock, shoulder presses x 20
Find a way out of the Pit, easy to enter hard to get out.

Run past Big Boss truck (was is full of Zima?) for Mary

-American Hammer x 40



-TClaps to the PAX for pushing through the beat down.  Halfway through, I heard many of them asking where Fletcher park was located wishing they were there.
-Convergence Saturday, don’t miss it.
-Raleigh Brewing Company happy hour rescheduled 6 pm March 13th.
-Prayers for M Steroid and Dufresne

-Your opponent, the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, steadfast in faith, knowing that your fellow believers throughout the world undergo the same sufferings.
Peter 5 8-9.

We all have sufferings and stresses, we are not alone.  Pass the rock or share with a F3 brother you will be rewarded.

YHC is grateful for the opportunity to once again lead a brotherhood of believers. If you haven’t q’ed give it a try it is a rewarding and humbling experience.

Tclaps to Countrywide for his powerful prayer and leading us out.

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  • Great Q Zima. Future Urban Jungle early disclosures at 5:45 should include directions to Fletcher Park as the Pax have 15 minutes to get there if they deem UJ too difficult

    Cherrie Berry is a missing PAX on the attendees

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