YHC wanted to bring a workout today that would push the very fast and the just a little bit fast.  The Judge seems to do that every week, so the multiplier circuit was born at Flood Zone.  24 PAX.  Really cold.  Short disclaimer.

Extra Credit:  We tested the circuit, then went thru a short competitive Mary session.  10 burpees OYO.

The Main Event—The Multiplier:

Circuit starts at the ramp.  Exercise counts increase with each round, 2, 4, 8, 16.  Burpees at the bottom then up at the top.  Turn right and run to the escalators by chain restaurant row.  Squat jumps, bear crawl down two flights of stairs.  Squat jumps. Turn right and run to the first staircase.  Merkins at the bottom, run up stairs, merkins at the top.  Run to next set of stairs.  Merkins at top, run down, merkins at the bottom.  Run to the ramp and go again.

Initially planned to go back down the ladder with 8, 4, 2 but 2, 4, 8, 16 seemed to do the trick.  Maybe next time.

When finished, PAX have competitive Mary war until all PAX are finished.  (Competitive Mary= 1/2 of PAX plank and call a Mary exercise and a count, other PAX complete said Mary exercise to the specified count.  Flap jack.  Repeat.)

Short jog to find a spot on a wall/curb.  Chong Li Special:  3 sets of 10x derkin/dip/irkin.  10 burpees OYO.

Back over to base of the ramp.  Two burpees, sprint to the top, two burpees.  Run back to the cars, with 3-4 stops for burpees.

MARY:  LBC x 25.  5 burpees OYO.  Finis.

COT.  Elsinore took us out in style.

A few random thoughts from the morning:

-Those at extra credit are not likely to soon forget that blast of wind we hit when we first ventured up the ramp.

-Cinderella is badder than most.  He did the entire set with a big ass ruck on his back.  Big time T-claps to Cindy.

-Denali doesn’t fly commercial anymore.  It’s too pedestrian.

-YoYo doesn’t give in to complaining comments about his refusal to wear shorts over his man tights.  Keep your eyes looking up when its cold and YoYo posts.

-It’s good to have White Shoe back in the mix.

-Several kotters called at Chung.  He deserves it.

-An honor to be out there with you men.  Hope you each have a great weekend.