Our celebration of six years is almost here. Don your F3 garb. Grab your AO’s shovel flag. Let’s do work.

The event kicks off at 6:15 at Chavis Park, located at 505 Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy. When you arrive, take Chavis Way around to the back of the park where you will find a large parking lot where the rest of us will be parking. Please park in this lot so that we can save the other smaller, more frequented lots for other guests of the park. We will be circling up on the main field, within the track. Site Qs, please bring shovel flags!

There are not bathroom facilities at Chavis at this time of day. Plan ahead.

To celebrate 6 years, we will be covering 6 AOs. They are Ambassador, The Arena, The Forge, General Assembly, The Rock, and Sasquatch. As we run from site to site, the following are things to remember.

  1. We are not professionals. We do not own the properties where we are exercising. You will be participating at your own risk.
  2. When crossing roads, cross at intersections.
  3. Avoid running in the road, but if you are running in the road, run against traffic.
  4. Do not try to beat traffic. If you get hit by a car you will ruin the experience for the rest of us.
  5. Support cyclists will be giving guidance as to directions and safety. Follow their lead.
  6. We have scheduled the event to correspond with a 10 minute running pace. If you find yourself falling behind this pace, support vehicles will be present to give you a lift.
  7. When you arrive at an AO do one of two things… 1) Circle back for the 6, or 2) Circle up, plank it out, and await direction from the site Q.
  8. If you find yourself hurting from an injury or suffering overexertion (vs the pain of participating), support vehicles will be present to assist you. Utilize them.
  9. Stay tuned after BOM for a special announcement from The Triple Foundation.

Here’s the good part. Support cyclists will be leading the pack, but for those cartographers who have feverishly awaited the Mule 2018 schedule and course… here ya go;



Run to The Arena

  1. 1. South on Chavis Way
  2. R on MLK Jr. Blvd
  3. ***Take Caution Crossing MLK – cross at the lights***
  4. L on Fayetteville St.
  5. R on Rocky Branch Greenway (just before the cemetery)
  6. ***Take Caution Crossing S. Saunders – Utilize the Crosswalk***
  7. Continue on Rocky Branch Greenway approximately 100 yards
  8. At the raised manhole, there will be flagging and “F3” marking on the greenway
  9. L up grass hill along tree line to join Umstead Dr
  10. Continue up Umstead Dr as it becomes Black Dr
  11. At the top of the hill (Dobbin Building), L on Palmer
  12. R on Biggs
  13. L on Goode
  14. ***Take Caution of Traffic Departing Healing Transitions***
  15. Circle up in Volley Ball Field


Run to The Forge

  1. North on Goode
  2. L on Biggs
  3. After crossing the bridge, take a right across the field to Hunt Dr.
  4. L on Western (take the running trail on the S side of the Rd)
  5. ***Take Caution Crossing Western Blvd – Look Both Ways – Divided Highway***
  6. R on Ashe
  7. Arrange yourself with space in Pullen Park Amphitheater, facing the stage


Run to General Assembly

  1. North on Ashe
  2. R on Hillsborough
  3. Cross Salisbury and run the walkway through the NW corner of the Capitol
  4. Cross Edenton
  5. Enjoy Provisions

WATER BREAK AT GA – Sponsored by Aquaman

Run to The Rock

  1. North between the museums
  2. R on Edenton
  3. L on Wilmington
  4. R/Straight into Holy Trinity Church roadway/parking lot
  5. Oval up in the parking lot.


Run to Sasquatch

  1. R on Peace
  2. L on Person
  3. Pass by Krispy Kreme
  4. Person becomes Mordecai Drive
  5. ***Take Caution Crossing Delway St – Blind Curve to your Right***
  6. R on Mimosa
  7. Circle up in the funeral home parking lot (symbolism)(subject to change at last second if lot full)


Run back to Ambassador

  1. ***Take Caution Crossing Wake Forest Rd***
  2. Cross Wake Forest Rd onto Sasser
  3. R on Bloodworth
  4. L on Worth
  5. Along the pathway, through the parking lot, back to the Track
  6. Circle up where we started.



That’s all we got for now. Get some sleep. Hydrate. Stretch. See you in the gloom.