What a great opportunity to Q down in Carpex at Bounty Hunters this morning. Every time I post here, the PAX of Carpex are so welcoming. My goal is to complete the 2020 Challenge (20 Q’s at 20 different sites in 2020) and have to really get going.

I led a workout (See “The Legs Feed the Wolf”) a few months ago at Pullen Park and wanted to bring that same experience to the PAX of Carpex. I shared the brief story about Thunder Dan (Dantonio Burnette – current NC State Football Strength & Conditioning Coach) and how my favorite quote of his is “The Legs Feed The Wolf”. This quote has also become popular from Coach Herb Brooks, who was popularized in the movie “Miracle”. Even for a guy who can’t ice skate, that movie makes me want to get up and go. After storytime, we got going.


SSH x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Imperial Walkers x 25
Good Mornings x 10
Line up for Native People’s Run – 2 lines – around the big loop, meeting in the parking lot

The Thang:

Partner Up (ideally with someone in the other native peoples line)
Meet at the far end near the overhang building – Partner 1 begins exercises while Partner 2 runs to the opposite end of the parking lot. Partner 2 completes 15 monkey humpers.

As a group, the partner group completes 150 speed skaters, 250 sumo squats, and 350 quick feet (single count)

Once all PAX are complete, mosey to the open baseball field or soccer field.
Pyramid of Pain
5 Burpees
10 Wide Grip Merikans
15 Sumo Jump Squats
20 Monkey Hummers
25 LBC’s

Jack Webbs with Monkey Humpers (x1) & Air Squats (x4) (1-7, 10 – yes, we skipped 8 and 9).

Mary: 25 LBCs, 15 Freddie Mercurys, Have a Nice Day

COT – strong message on the continued need to be compassionate versus being numb. If you don’t choose compassion, you’re being numb. Privilege is having the opportunity to be numb.