THE JUDGE 1/15/15

Constant motion’s the name of the game at The Judge. Lace em up and suck it up.

The PreBlast THANG:

Run the road around the outside of the new museum building (beside Blue Ridge Rd) to backside parking lot:

> Triple Lot – Snake through the 3 parking lots:
Burpees x15, run top lot
Burpees x15, run middle lot
Burpees x15, run bottom lot
Burpees x15

Run between old/new museum buildings toward amphitheater

> Mericans x25 Beside the Big Lady Statue

Plank walk railings down into the Amphitheater (if not iced over)

> Start from Bottom of Amphitheater:
Alternate Dirkins x10/Squats x10 up the backless seating

Run back between old/new museum buildings

> Nipplers x25 (single count per arm) beside the Lady Statue

Back to Triple Parking Lot


0610 Run back to parking for
MARY (if time)

No mas.

See you 0DarkThirty.