The Judge’s back catalog is like the Stones, the Dead, Zepplin or Prince. Just so many hits that at this point, there’s no sense in experimenting with something new. It’s just time to show up and give the people what they want. Something classic. Let’s Go!

Circle Up for some warm up. Afterwards, run the blue loop to the water fountain and the fork in the road where you can go straight or left. This is station one and we are going left.

  1. Stop here for 20 lunges and 20 merkens.
  2. Run down the trail to the left and stop at the bottom by the rock piles. 5 burpees
  3. Run up the hill towards the grotto and stop at the next trail intersection at the top of the hill. 20 jump squats and 20 lbc’s.
  4. Back the way you came, stopping at each station and doing the same thing. Keep it going til 6:08 and then head back to the lot the way we came.