7 PAX gathered in the gloom of Martin Middle School to work on some speed work.  CK was scheduled to Q, but due to injury, we made an audible.  Fortunately, #QinAbsentia made his plans known to YHC, so we were off.

Typical warm-up of 3 laps of jogging with butt kickers, high knees, karoake along the striaght (now known as the Cheerleader), and two stride increases
Circle up for active stretching –
  • Good Mornings x 13
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Windmills x 16
Core workout (R pace ~15 minutes):  All times are mine and from the Buck Rogers report
  • 600m run at R-pace (mile pace) – 2:09 for me.  this pace sets the targets for the remainder of the workout  –  2:30 rest
  • 300m run (use pace from first run) – 0:57 (7 secs too fast)  –  2:30 resting walk through the straight
  • 200m run (same pace) – 0:37 (6 secs too fast) – 2:30 rest
  • 200m run (same pace) – 0:37 (6 secs too fast AGAIN) – 2:30 rest
  • 300m run (same pace) – 0:59 (5 secs too fast – but I am starting to get tired)  –  2:30 resting walk through the straight
  • 600m run (same pace) – 2:13 (4 secs too slow – SPENT) – 2:30 rest

Additional  exercises

  • 100 yards of standard Butt Kickers
  • 100 yards of High Knee Butt Kickers (pretend you are against a wall, raise the knee up and let the heel make contact)  – impossible – don;t try this at home.
  • 100 yards of High Knees
  • 100 yard run
  • 1 lap of “Mindful Breathing”  – most reported “even” counts – 4 in / 4 out, 5 in / 3 out, etc.
  • 1 lap of “Odd step breathing” we ran Clockwise around the track –  exhale on odd count steps (i.e. 3 steps, exhale for 2, inhale for 1) **  the theory here is that we always exhale on the same side (even count) and during the exhale we relax muscles causing an imbalance
  • Interesting morning of work today.  A lot of talk of balance.  We started with a question from Fungo on Imperial Walkers – to cross-over or not?  Windmills are clearly a cross-over exercise.  When we moved into running clockwise vs counter clockwise (thanks Chong Li), mindful breathing and balances in the body, it got real – TM, navel contemplation, real.
  • I apologize for the pace of the run.  I was not at Mile Pace at all today.  My paces for the work sections varied between 4:52 and 5:33 with only the last 600m at 5:52/mi.  YHC needs to control his enthusiasm on the 200m and 300m bouts.  The goal is to sustain a manageable pace – not to fly around the track.  Buck Rogers don’t lie.
  • Go Ruck challenge – sign up for a 5/3 treat
  • Tar Heel 10-miler – a growing number of Pax are headed to Chapel Hill on 4/26
  • Mud Run and Spartan are also coming up this Spring
  • Prayers for many that are on our hearts and minds.
  • Myrtle is Q next week and says we are going to race… looking forward to the challenge
  • The HiFidelity Quarterly Mile test is 2/4 – two weeks to #findyourgears