The SF was planted amongst the pines at the OEC for Zack Morris’s inaugural Q. It was…painful. At least we put on a good show for the P2P safari trip, which now comes every Wed morning to get a look at the day’s Thang.

The Thang:

Jog to church lot:

SSH x 30

Imperial walker x 30

Flutter kicks x 30

Straight leg-lifts x 30

SSH x 30

Imperial walker x 30

Indian run back to OEC lot:

Two-Tiered Hill Runs x 9:

Begin at bottom of BFH (steep hill at OEC)

Run to top of OEC parking lot:

Top of BFH – Burpees (9,8,7 etc.)

Top of parking lot – Body-weight squats (9,8,7 etc.)

Run down to bottom of BFH:

Top of BFH – Merkins (9,8,7 etc.)

Bottom of BFH – Lunges (9,8,7 etc)


Chapel Thrill led Team Ramrod still has two spots for the F3 Mud Run. Join Adolphus and Rodeo for a fun weekend.

3rd F gathering at Tyler’s Taproom in Raleigh on 11/12. More info here: Should be a great way to explore 3rdF in the RDU area. Sign up!

Keep looking for Go Ruck info and HC to Yo-Yo. Yet another incredible F3 opportunity.

Monday launch tentatively scheduled for 11/18. Way too many opportunities for turf burn at good old Fetzer….

Shooter has the Q at Bastille on Friday. Those who recall his “Beast” workout from Rameses know it’s not to miss.

Inspiration taken today from the return of our awesome Rameses SF. Big thanks to Chewie and Howard for the creation. It is perfect.

TClaps to the first-time Q. Well paced, hard earned, and strong posts all around. Aye!