There is only one PAX that has an exercise named after him.  With the bulk of today’s workout being a modified Murph, and thinking “modified Murph” doesn’t sound all that great, YHC is going to declare the below-described set as the Fazio-Murph.  Now he has a whole routine. You’re welcome.

Warm-up:  SSH x 25, IW x 20, Good Morning/Windmill mix x 20, Fazio arm circles x 8 each way.

Fazio-Murph:  5 groups do 10 burpees, 20 squats, 20 merkins, 20 Mary (dealers choice, no repeats), lap around the duck pond. Repeat for a total of 5 laps.

While waiting for all groups to finish, most PAX did 20 each of Russian Hammers and Rosalita, followed by 10 each of knuckle and wide merkins. Finish with 5 count 6 inch leg hold around the circle.

Random Finishing Sequence:  for the last 20 or so minutes, we carried a telephone pole to the amphitheater, did some Cackalacky Choo Choo, 20 dip/15 French dip, attempted partner people’s chair and some low flitter 5 count around the circle.

COT had some announcements and some great words from Howard, but YHC forgot the standard name/F3 name/age intros.  No FNG’s so it was somewhat excused.

-TClaps to the GORUCK crew. Double downs are impressive.

-Pac Man with a UA3.  He knows why.

-make plans to go to Durham on June 1 for a joint workout with our brothers over there.

-get on Twitter.  @F3Raleigh.  Follow some people.