The PAX of 8 posted this morning, VSF planted due to rain again. Small group means new things can be tested out. YHC decided to enlist the services of two childhood idols to to provide some post workout feedback. A transcript of our conversation is the following:

The Thang:

Maize: Whew that was fun and smoked me big time, I’m so glad you guys would take the time to check out F3 in person and share a little feedback.

Statler: It was different…..lousy, but different. I’m addicted to the website, particularly F3 TV episodes and the workouts that girl Cindy leads.

Maize: Cindy is a guy, we all have nicknames remember?

Waldorf: So Howard is not Howard, Tony Robbins is not Tony Robbins, that fast kid is not Johnny Utah, it’s not the real Angelo Pappas or Bob Vila?

Maize: A couple of those are movie characters and not real people, I don’t have time to explain the name stuff right now. Keep the 3F’s of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith, let’s stay on topic with the core themes….you guys believe in life after death don’t you?

Statler: I do after watching one of your workouts!!!

Maize: As always a good PAX with guys like King David, Fungo & Plebe.

Waldorf: Yeah but there was no Fazio, no Orwell, no Utah and no Big Sproles.

Maize: Sproles & Orwell are great people, we are lucky to have them with us even when they are not at a workout. Sproles is one of a kind, F3 Raleigh wouldn’t be the same without him out there.

Statler: A true blessing, I would agree.

Walforf: Hey he’s playing one of those Jedi mind tricks on us so we’ll say nice things and get off track.

Statler: Who said something nice? What are you talking about?

Maize: Well I thought there was good comradery out there and great enthusiasm with the 1/2 mile run and warm-up (Good Morningsx25, Mtn Climbersx25, Merkinsx25, Imperial Walkersx25, Burpeesx25) and first set (2 Groups: 1 at playground with 20xPull Ups + 20x20dips, the other at shed with 20xDips + 20xDerkins).

Waldorf: (Yawns) It was as predictable and plain as your workout title. (Ha ha ha ha)

Maize: We will bring that up at COT next week, it’s up for discussion.

Statler: As long as White Shoe #Turbo is involved the process, Chong Li bailed you guys out at Shelley Lake from your “Mussels” nomination.

Maize: Wasn’t that bad.

Waldorf: You’re right, it was terrible!

Maize: Fair enough, let’s move on. You guys must have really liked it when we went down Sisyphus and on to the trail that featured several 10 Burpee stops along the way to North Hills Drive, that was some rough stuff at the sidewalk with the 15x Diamond, Standard and Wide-Arm Merkins. Follow that with a run to Hyde that had another 10 Burpees plus Merkins and I think the upper body was covered for the day.

Waldorf: Reminded me of Battlefield Earth and Hudson Hawk.

Maize: Those movies were terrible.

Statler: It was all downhill about 20 minutes in…

Maize: You guys need some new material, the Full House writers wouldn’t even use your one-liners.

Waldorf: Wake me up when this conversation actually starts.

Statler: Wake me up when it’s over!!

Maize: And you guys could do better?

Waldorf & Statler (together): Couldn’t be worse!

Maize: I feel like we’re talking in circles, it’s like I’m on a work conference call. Well it couldn’t have been missed with that round of Mary (Take a Bow L&R x 25, Rosalita x 25, Dolly x 10, 6″ Leg Hold Circle using an 8 count)) along with our COT and the great prayer by Tony Robbins.

Waldorf: That was amazing! I can’t believe it.

Maize: Thank you, I really like F3 and put some thought into the workout.

Waldorf: Not that, we just spoke for 5 minutes and you didn’t bring up your hernia……a new record!

Maize: Geez, I’m never going to have you guys back again this is too rough.

Staler: Is that a threat or a promise?!? Hey enough about you, when is Money Hose leading again? He writes the best Back Blasts and it’s the highlight of my day when he posts. Last week’s was great, especially the vegetable part.

Maize: Probably Heavy Metal on Thursday and tomatoes are referring to something else, I digress. We finally found something we agree upon but I’d encourage you to get out a bit more if that’s the high point in your day. Let’s wrap this up.

Waldorf: The boredom is excrutiating, time to watch my Matlock.


“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” -Benjamin Franklin


-We covered some serious ground this morning in short time, doesn’t seem to read like much but it was but that may have something to do with the Back Blast format chosen….feeling it already in the arms big time. PAX even skipped FEBA cries straight to a Bastard call at 6:10 am.

-Start thinking of workout names for North Hills, plenty of good ones that capture the personality of the site.  Bring them next Monday.

-F3 Shroom is this Friday at high noon – Mellow Mushroom on Glenwood Avenue, RSVP to Chong Li, Maize is in.

-Time to sign up for the Susan Komen race, click on the registration to the right. Sma goes for Legend Race as well.

-Stand up and step up, Q opportunities are all around for those who want it. See a site Q, we’ll get you in the rotation.