A Pax of 17 for latest edition of Dawn Patrol.

YHC watched the Big Lebowski for the twentieth time last night and it still makes me laugh.  Couldn’t stay up for the end – something about a Q at Dawn Patrol and needing to get to bed.  Line at the beginning of movie also classic: “The Dude may be the laziest man in Los Angeles County – which would place in in high running for laziest worldwide.”

In any event, here’s how the workout went for the PAX:

Single count merkins x 50
Fazio Arm Circles x 15 each direction
Side shuffle hops x 30
Good mornings x 15
Mountain Climbers x 20

Head to basketball courts and get a partner.  The bball courts at Laurel Hills are two full courts placed end-to-end.  One partner went to far end baseline of second court while other partner stayed at opposite end.  Bear crawl towards middle until you meet partner and when you meet do 25 LBCs then crab back.  Repeat with 20 merkins.  Repeat with 25 LBCs.

All PAX line up along baseline and do suicides touching every line on both courts.

Head toward picnic shelter.  There are some stairs leading towards the shelter.  So we started with a wheelbarrow down the path and then stairbarrow up the steps to the shelter.  In shelter do 20 decline merkins.  Run back around to beginning of path and flapjack with 20 decline merkins again in shelter.  Next rotation do 20 incline merkins.  next time through do 20 step ups and then 20 dips.  Lots of stairbarrow which is always a good time.

Head to baseball field.
Starting at home plate, partner carry down right field line to fence and around outfield and back to home plate.  Anytime you flapjack during the partner carry – do 5 burpees each.

Circle up for Mary.
Freddie Mercury x 40
Single count merkin x 50
American Hammer x 30

Announcements include Ethanol moving from Williams Park to Crabtree starting Nov 19.  Sometime in December there is a second F at the Alley on Hillsborough Street.  Our own “Gutterball” is sponsoring free bowling. Sorry can’t remember the date but there’s plenty of time to hear it again between now and then.

Prayer requests included Hojo and his family situation.  A friend of Utah in Wilmington suffering from stomach cancer.

Zima took us out with grace and eloquence.

Thanks to Shaggy and Costco for letting me Q at Dawn Patrol today.  It was a beautiful morning.