The rain held off and we just had a little mist in the air at B.O. this morning for Saban’s maiden Q.

Started with a brief warm up (SSH, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio arm circles).

Next, we got our heart rates up a bit with “Run and Stuff”. Sprints up and down the church parking lot (karaoke and lunge walks mixed in) with Merkins, LBCs, and Plankjacks thrown in. Abbreviated plank-o-rama at the end.

Indian run up to Cary Art Center where we hit the steps for a bit of 11s (Merkins and squats)

Improv time led us to spider monkeys and some wall work (dips, step ups, and urkins)

Jogged over to the concrete slab next to the greenspace across Dry Ave. for Mary-Go-Round (each pax leading a different exercise) (Freddy Mercury, WWII, box cutters, ski abs, dying cockroach, Russian hammer, Rosalita, Superman, LBC, and, just for fun, the FNG threw in some burpees).

Indian run back to the church.

Prayer concerns: For Banjo running a half marathon this weekend with no training, and for Wonk to stop making excuses (new baby, blah, blah, blah) and get back out to B.O.