It is that time of year again, when ideas started flying and someone gets a little crazy. Well that is happening in F3 Southwake!!

May 21st at 4pm, anyone crazy enough to meet up at Action Park in Fuquay Varina can join us in a brewery crawl like you’ve never experienced.

Weilding nothing but good looks, hard currency, and 25lbs of whatever stuffed into a backpack, we will kick things off with a lovely stroll from Action Park, to an undisclosed location to conduct our 30 minute actions on the objective. We may run into various secondary missions along the way too. Once that is complete, we will drowned our sorrows at Draftline( or another brewery) for a Second F meeting.

Anyone is welcome to join us for any leg of the journey. Send me a message so I can get a count of who will be there. I look forward to seeing all of you crazies out there.