Warm Up lap around Rashkis

SSH X 15 IC, Arm Circles, Windmill, Long Slow Merkins X20

Lap Around the school then line up in 2 groups facing eachother.  1 team planks while other team does 10 Carolina Dry Docks.  At 10 the opposite team takes the count from 11 to 20 all the way to 100 total.

Mosey to playground.  Group 1 on pull up bars. for 15 IC “lebrons”.  hold yourself on the pull ups arms at a 90 degree angle/legs extended and bicycle straight out for 15 IC while the other group does low squat holds.  Switch.

Lap back around the school and line back up in groups.  This time Merkins as a team to 100 same way as the Dry Docks.  Mosey to playground for Lebrons and low squat holds

Mosey back to playground for another round of “Lebrons” and low squat holds.

Lap around and line back up.  This time for Mtn Climbers up to team 100 but we do these in cadence count.

Mosey to the Walls for some Low Derkin holds.  Hold at the bottom of the derkins we did 5 of these.

1 more lap and to the soccer field.  Bear Crawl to midfield 10 SSH in cadence, Crawl Bear back then 10 SSH in cadence rinse and repeat timed for 4 minutes.

Mary:  Canoe and Boat, Long Slow Flutters with arms raised.