23 men decided to participate in a group workout at 5:45.  6 even arrived early for a pre-run.  The names of pax members were repeated by many during namorama, which upon information and belief, triggered feelings of discomfort in Chong Li who found the name repetition to resemble the practice of a weird, culty summer camp.  For Chong, this represented a change, prompting him to hashtag “don’t move my cheese,” a parable that addresses the tools we need in order to deal with change – an issue that makes many of us nervous, fearful, and uncomfortable because we do not believe we have any control over how or when change happens to us. YHC believes this is what Chong was getting at, or perhaps he just experienced a weird summer camp flashback from childhood.

Jog to upper parking lot for warmup: SSH x 25, GM x 10, prisoner squat x 15, mt. climbers x 10, arm wraps x 10 per side, low plank holds (Furley and Plebe 10 counts), 10 burpees OYO.

First exercise: to the soccer field where we lined up for sprints across width of the field with merkin pyramids as follows – sprint across field, 5 wide grip merkins on YHC down, sprint back 10 wide grips, sprint across again 15 wide grips, sprint back 10 wide grips, sprint across 5 wide grips.  We did this for wide grip merkins, standard merkins, and Carolina dry docks (45 total reps of each with 15 sprints).

Next exercise: jog to amphitheater – AMRAP 3 exercises for 4 minutes – 20 dips, 10 box jumps, 10 urkins.  Then circle up for Jck Wbb of WWII’s on YHC up and Freddie Mercury’s in cadence.

Next exercise: jog down toward starting point near tennis courts for set of 11’s on the street – sumo jump squats at bottom (1-10) and monkey humpers (10-1) at top at Washington St. intersection.

Mary on tennis courts: merkins x 10, reverse LBCs x 20, LSF x 20

After summercamp namorama, Announcements were: Whiplash moving back to 60 minutes starting at 6:30 except for the first Sat. of each month; Furley apparently was to lead a girl talk at Starbucks following BB which Pantyhose was planning to attend.  Blue took us out with a strong word of prayer.

Really enjoyed leading this group, always a fun crowd and one of my favorite sites – YKY

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