This Thursday edition of General Assembly took place in the midst of a storm.

However, YHC knew it would be a good day when the conversation before launch revolved around the realization that if Brexit took away Team Europe’s Ryder Cup team, Europe would only have 4 players remaining. That may be the only way our beloved Team USA could acquire the cup.

Down to business.

Mosey around the block to parking deck (seeking shelter)–
GM x10
5 burpees OYO
Mtn Climbers x15
Low plank hold (3 ct around circle)

Brisk .7mile run to the lot behind the Sheraton parking deck.

Partner up
I. Partner 1 runs 100 yards across lot and back
Partner 2 starts flutter kicks, going to 500

II. As a group, run 100 yards and back peddle to return x3

Parking Deck
Partner 1 starts up the stairs. Runs 2 flights, does 15 Rosalitas. Partner 2 does 15 rosalitas at bottom, then starts up stairs. Rinse and repeat to the top of the deck.

Fellowship pace down the parking deck, and North on Sailsbury St.

-bear crawl 300 block (Justice center), stopping at every bench for Merkins x5
-run 200 block
-Lunge walk 100 block
-Partner carry following block

Stairs outside Museum of History
Partner 1 runs the length of the mall, and back
Partner 2 bunny hops stairs to MOH front door
Rinse and repeat x2

Circle of Mary
Low plank hold x5 count per man around the circle.

Done. Soaked.

There’s a F3 Christmas party upcoming, sometime from December to February.
Prayers were lifted for Stanton, who was struck by a moving vehicle this week. He will recover, but needs our support.

E-trade took us out.

Always an honor to lead these men. Although the weather was less than ideal, our PAX who posted today can honestly say the weather has been slowly improving all morning. Sometimes we need that added PUSH outside of our comfort zone, and to do the hard things before the hard things find us.


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