5 PAX gathered at Flood Zone for a tax day beat-down designed to make sending in all that tax money seem not so bad. A full tour of the Crabtree premises ensued:

Extra Credit – 5:15 am – 2 mile run with steep hills

The Thang:

SSH 20x/Imperial Walkers 15x/Good Mornings

15xBox-jump Burpees 10x – we lost Prenup here to a gnarley scrape injury on his leg – gauze it and heal soon brother!

Run @ corner to curb at Sears for LINE OF PAIN:

Merkins 20x. HOLD IT

Mountain Climbers 20x. HOLD IT

Diamond Merkins 20x HOLD IT

Plank Jacks 20x. HOLD IT

Wide-grip Merkins 20x HOLD IT

Bear-crawl Tunnel until all PAX through

Run up stairs to top deck by Sears – The 6 Towers:

5 Burpees/10 Box-cutters/15 WW II sit-ups/20 Star-jumps/25 Squats/30 LBCs

Partner-up: (Size Matters):

Partner-carry to white line at Penny’s – flapjack and partner-carry to end of parking deck.

Wheel-Barrow to Brio, flap-jack, wheel-barrow back.

Down the stairs and over to steep incline: bear-crawl half-way up, lunge-walk to top, AMRAP Rosalitas until all PAX arrive.

Run over to wall:

People’s Chair with arms out front;

Balls-to-Wall: move 5 to the left; move 5 to the right; 5 push-ups; recover

People’s Chair with arms up high

10 pull-ups with partner assist; flap-jack

Run up parking ramps – backwards going up, karaoke on flats

Freddie Mercury’s 20x/Spider-Man merkins 15x/Fudd-to-Little Mama 15x/Dying Cochroach 20x

Run down stairs for MARY: Nipplers – 20x and American Hammers – 20x

COT/Announcements – Arena at 2:30pm today – sign-up for Q’s throughout the summer

Mohen took us out with inspirational prayer

Great work by all PAX this morning, an honor to lead. Now get those tax checks in have a great weekend. L/A out