Disclaimer- I wrote a long, extensive, descript, some would say poetic backblast last week for Tahoe. As you noticed, it did not get posted because of site issues. Because I am lazy, I will not be redoing it in it’s full glory. Here’s the abridged.

Mosey down to Bruegger’s between the two concrete jungle gyms. Warm-ups.

Partner up. Partner’s run up opposite parking decks. At the top 10 WWII situps. Run back down. When you meet in the middle, 1 partner clap merkin. (You guessed it, we’re doing 11s). If one partner should arrive before the other, squat til his arrival.

We completed 6 WWIIs, 5 Partner clap merkins. That’s 5 times up and down the decks. It was awful.

We did some exercises as we waited for PAX to finish. Like a thousand merkins or something.

We ran back to Panera. Did some other exercises. Time was called.

We talked about announcements, prayer requests. Fazio prayed for us (I think).

Sorry for this half-ass BB. But only kind of.