It was hard to get up this morning and push ourselves to continue to work after the heart breaker of a game last night. Fetzer, as well as Chapel Hill in general, was VERY quite. That being said, 3 of us showed the same resolve as Marcus Page and punished ourselves for not yelling loud enough at the TV.
Warm-up: laps = point differential (3)

4 corners (UNC basketball included):

Sprint from starting corner to next corner.
One person does exercises with ball then passes it on (dribbles during sprint)
Do following exercises around corners:
1. Tough D (Slap the floor)- Shuffle and slap the ground.
2. Backward run
3. Lung
4. Jump shot- 2 steps, jump of right foot. Alternate. Arms/ball above head
*77 Mericans
5. Karaoke
6. D-up (backward duck walk)- Arms/ball out straight
*77 LBCs
7. Brice Johnson (bunny hop)- Arms/ball above head
8. Dribble b/t the legs (lung)
9. Guard the baseline (low side shuffle, slap knees then hands up with each shuffle)
10. Cat walk (bear crawl with knees touching elbows). Would have been a Ram walk (just walk) if UNC had of won.
*77 air squats (elbows touching knees)
Mozie halfway around track then sprint last 77 yards (approx)
Cry about the game and go home.