Shovel flag planted for the PAX of 10 at #NCMA. Interestingly there were several F3 cars in the lot but not of the typical pre-run crowd. Ah but of course, Ruck training in session.

The Thang:

Group run down to the base of big hill on the green way, circle up

SSH x 15, Plank Jacks x 15, Good Mornings x 15, Merkins x 15….run back up to the top of the hill toward #NCMA

Rockettes : Squats x 20, Monkey Humpers x 20, Jumping Lunges x 20, Squat Jumps x 20

Indian Run to the 440 bridge

Set of 11s with Dips & Derkins

Set of 11s with Hand Release Merkins and Dying Cockroach (used both sides of bridge as end points) Plank set till we stopped, this took awhile

Run back toward base, pausing for group sprint to the parking lot

Spiderman Merkins x 22, LBCs x 27


Naked Moleskin:

-Another great crew, among the selected few who posted anywhere in Raleigh on Saturday. GoRuck crew arrived shortly after COT, lead to a nice coffeteria group at Caribou. They had Cholly, we’ll see who posts at Gideon Monday. YHC has the Q at North HIlls, aiming to make it memorable.

-Flatline has the Q next Saturday, his first lead at Whiplash. It won’t disappoint. Hoping for a Vector Victor return.

-Chippendale celebrates 1 year of F3 next week, only one year?! How did Epoxy get by before his arrival? He’s the Q at Lourdes and Ball Bearings if you’d like to celebrate with him.

-Prayers for SBD’s knee and the men among the PAX struggling.