17 pax arrived early to experience the “Ron Mexico” partner run loop. Temps dropped over night, so we awoke to the mid-30s. A major change from yesterdays mid-50s.


Circle up, SSH, the Q needed to stretch, so we held a toe-touch stretch for a 10-count, merkins x 15, mountain climbers, chill-cut, chill-cut march

Main Event

Find a partner, one partner runs one direction, the other partner goes the opposite way. Each time you intersect with your partner, do 10 partner-clap merkins and 20 mountain climbers. Repeat for the next 5 laps (approximately 1 mile each). At one point, sunshine thought we should have been finished after 2 laps, but at that time it was only 0545, so we had a lot more time to run. Once each person completed 5 laps, we did some Mary. Get into an Indian-run line, head back to Panera Bread. Finished with some 6″ leg holds, 5 sec count around the circle.


Pepe is pushing the GoRuck, there is a Mule event coming in March, Krispy Kreme Challenge Feb 4, Ella’s Race in March, BRR in September


Leandro took us out and reminded all of us the blessings we have and how to shine the light for all others to see.

Thanks to the pax that got out of bed this morning. I appreciate your attendance.

– Mr Bigglesworth