SF was planted at the OEC in the freezing cold for a “let’s keep it warm” Thang. We all survived, even with my affinity for ladders.

The Thang

Jog to church lot

SSH X 20

Mtn Climb X 20

Merkin X 10

SSH x 10

Mtn climb x 10

Merkin x 10

Jog halfway down driveway: 1st Bent Jacob’s Ladder

At far end: 5 burpees, then 4 burpees, etc. to 1

At near end: 1 merkin, then 2 merkins, etc. to 5

Plank it out

Superman- Believe it or not, I’m walkin’ on air!

Jog to OEC

2nd Jacob’s Ladder: Attack the BFH

at top, 10 burpees, then 9 burpees, etc. to 1

at bottom: 1 merkin, then 2 merkins, etc. to 10

Plank it out. Jog up BFH

With your partner, leg throws. 30 each, OYO pace.

Plank it out

6 MoM

Flutter x 10

Rosalita x 20

LBC x 20

Dolly x 10

LBC x 10


Mud Run, Saturday, April 12- Registration closes TODAY. Team Ramrod, led by our very own Adolphus, has forged a healthy Tobacco Road alliance. If you’re interested, check out twitter for free agency posts and the post itself (http://f3nation.com/2013/11/11/spring-14-mud-run-registration-is-open/) for more info on it.

3rd F dinner last night at Tyler’s Taproom- good to see everyone come together for some 3rd F. Thanks to the organizers (Fazio and many others) for putting on a great night. There was plenty of enthusiasm as we fired up the reverse incubator. Bottom line is this: if you have any ideas for 3rd F events/gatherings/projects, there is a huge PAX ready and willing to help. Get in touch with Fazio or really anyone else about growing your idea. It’s an important part of who we are. More on the 3rd F on the website soon.

Get on over to Tobacco Road (Herndon Park) tomorrow morning. I don’t care how cold it is, just do it. Get in touch with Adolphus if you need a ride over from CH.

By my reckoning, the PAX ran 2.91 miles this morning, mostly on hills in sprint (or attempted sprint) fashion. We went heavy on the running to keep the blood flowing. Very thankful to those who showed up in the cold and braved one of the coldest mornings a CH has ever seen in November.