Ah, spring and summertime in the Triangle — for music lovers, it’s the best time of the year to see a variety of great shows.  I’ve heard a lot of folks talking this week about the Rolling Stones at Carter Finley in July — tickets went on sale (and sold out) on Monday.  Saw them there in 89 and 93 so will pass on the $350 tickets this go-around.

Three goals for this morning’s Q 1) leave the sterile, concrete confines of the Crabtree parking deck 2) bring along some tunes (and a couple of oversized bricks) and 3) sweat a little.  #missionaccomplished

Wood Brothers “Postcards From Hell” – Shakori Hills, April 16

The Who “The Seeker” – PNC, April 23

Slightly Stoopid, “Closer to the Sun” – Red Hat, July 17

Run to hidden pile of paver bricks, discreetly grab 2.  Run up Edwards Mill to back mall entrance and circle up for good mornings, seal jacks, windmills, merkins w row, 10 burpees OYO — all with one brick in each hand.

Zac Brown Band “Jolene” – Walnut Creek, May 7

Hozier “Jackie and Wilson” – Red Hat, June 19

Indian run up hill to Parklake office complex.

Lyle Lovett – “That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)” – DPAC, August 18

Rebelution – Feelin’ Alright – Red Hat, August 10

Death Cab For Cutie “Marching Bands of Manhattan” – Red Hat, September 15

Phish “Free” – Walnut Creek, August 14

Steely Dan “King of the World” – Walnut Creek, August 6

Circle up in courtyard for a random 20 minute mix of squat press w bricks, nipplers w bricks, wide grip merkin on bricks, single leg squat w bricks, plank set w bricks (arms up & back, star, low plank), merkin rows w bricks, derkins on bricks, LBCs, alternating lunge jump w bricks, high knees with bricks overhead, dips.  10 jump ups OYO on low wall, then lunge walk to corner (with bricks if you were wondering).

Tedeschi Trucks Band “Midnite in Harlem” – Koka Booth, July 18

Robert Plant “Big Log” – Koka Booth, June 15

Indian run with bricks back to Crabtree.  Return bricks to pile then sprint back to cars for COT.

  • F3 Dads on 4/24 915-1030 (see preblast)
  • THIS SATURDAY 4/18 Chavis Convergence / Flag Football (see preblast)
  • Big Boss run/social event in the works for April 30, lots of other 2nd F opportunities – be on the lookout for tweets or preblasts
  • Geddy took us out with a prayer bordering on perfection #divinityschool

Speaking of 2nd F opportunities, if you haven’t figured it out yet, today’s playlist was comprised of music from bands I am seeing (or hope to see) locally over the next few months.  Feel free to join me in the evening gloom if your musical tastes are aligned…..

Thanks for the honor – and for pushing me today — needed and appreciated.