Let’s cut to the chase – as 7 Pax gathered in the Gloom and in a light mist on a fine October morning in Raleigh-wood, someone asked Munson how he fared in the Bull City Half-marathon this weekend.  Let’s just say that he rocked that half-marathon.

Taking 17 minutes off his half-marathon PR from 2011, he put up a formidable 1:36.  That is a 7:23/mi pace for 13.1 miles – yes, FAST for a long time!  14th out of 140 in his age group and 102 out of 2,329 overall.  Top tier all-around.   A 15% drop in time – HUGE.   Can you tell I am impressed?

He thought that HiFidelity played a big role in that improvement, but wanted to keep the sappiness for YHC or similar…  I would imagine F3 (overall strength) + Blue Ridge Relay (increasing volume) + HiFidelity (speed training) each contributed to his success.  TCLAPS to our own Munson.

On to the Thang

Warm-up half mile
Windmills x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Good Mornings x 20

1 x 1 km @ T-pace, rest for 2 minutes
3 x 200m @ R-pace with 200m slow recovery
2 x 1 km @ T-pace with 2 min recovery
3 x 200m @ R-pace with 200m slow recovery
1 x 1km @ T-pace.

Stretch and COT.  Closed with a nice prayer from Flatline.

The buck rogers report – http://www.strava.com/activities/90804098

Moleskine –

  • T-claps again to Munson.  We are proud of your accomplishment brotha’ and hope to emulate your success in our own upcoming races.
  • There was something in the air today – because we were running much faster than prescribed.  Across the board, everyone was flying.
  • Ben Johnson, Flatline, Yo-yo, and Lamp are all running the City of Oaks Half on 11/3.  YHC looks forward to hearing more great times soon.
  • Enron is hitting the Outer Banks Half-marathon on 11/10.