11 pax emerged from their cars into the Gloom of Umstead this morning for a good feeling brought on by our endogenous production of morphine (trivia aside:  the word endorphin began use in the 1970’s as a blend of endogenous and morphine.)  One pants wearing dude with a headlamp (it was 68 degrees with a decent amount of humidity) asked if we were the “trail runners”, and then did not like our response about F3 – where is Floppy Disk when you need a good EH?  Minnie brought his own FNG, Cinderella tightened the straps on his 30 lb weight vest, and we were off.

3 miles out and then 3 miles back on the Umstead Bridle trails.  2 turns, one turn around, and lots of hills (485 ft of elevation gain).  We had a few site first-timers, and we set a record for PAX in attendance.  As usual, Yo-Yo led the way.  We naturally fell into many pace groups and all felt challenged in the end.  Good times.


  • Explanation of FNG – a lawyer in town from Philly, works with Minnie.  Early nomination for “Cheesesteak,” but it was veoted.  Thought of other connections, then drifted to the Phillies hat and considered “Kruk”.  But, ultimately landed on the class of Eagles fans booing Santa Claus.  So, welcome FNG Santa Claus to the brotherhood of F3.
  • Komen 5k is on 6/14.  Sign up or donate
  • F3 Dads on 5/31
  • Prayers for Dufresne
  • The Huskey family – the loss of their 25 year old son – recently married, young child, new house.  Dad works with YHC.  Quality guy, now in a lot of pain.
  • Layover took us out with a prayer.