10 Pax, including 3 from Raleigh and 1 from Columbia, gathered at the gravel parking lot at Freedom Park to help prepare YHC for one of the biggest and best commitments in life, which would be marriage. Here’s how it all went down:

The Thang

Mosey about a mile to Belk Chapel on Radcliffe and Selwyn. Plank while we wait for the pax to gather. YHC had to double back to make sure New Trick (also father of the groom) could find his way to the chapel. Hope this won’t be an issue tomorrow.

SSH x 25

Copperhead Squat x 20

Merkins x 15

Head to the gazebo where we found that 10 pax can indeed fit into a gazebo…..barely. 11s of dips and step ups.

Mosey back down Radcliffe to the field behind the parking deck.

10 merkins

Bear Crawl 25 yards

10 merkins

Crab Walk 25 yards

10 merkins

Burpee Broad Jump down the aisle 25 yards

10 merkins

Rinse and repeat but replace merkins with 30 LBCs

Head to parking deck and partner up. Partner A sprints to one end of parking deck and planks while Partner B does 10 carolina dry docks, and then runs to end and planks while Partner A proceed to do 10 carolina dry docks. Q fail on this, but appreciate the pax not giving YHC too much flack. At the top of the deck, flutter kicks while waiting on YHC. Head down stairs and try to get bearings straight to find Radcliffe, and mosey back to parking lot.


Sorry for going overtime today, but good work by all. Dear Abby may be half bear as he blew by everyone during the bear crawls. F3 is 100% responsible for getting me into “Wedding” shape, so I was excited to Q this one the day before the BIG day. Thanks to Steamer for letting me Q this one, as he was originally signed up.

Good to have 3 Raleigh Pax – Zima, Maize and Captain D, as well as 1 Columbia Pax, New Trick (aka YHC’s old man).

TClaps to Ribeye for sending up some prayers for YHC’s upcoming nuptials, as I definitely need them!