On a beautiful Fall morning in October, with temperatures in the low 60s, seven men made their way to Lake Lynn Community Center for a physical start to their morning.  With the baseball playoffs set to start this week, we spent time on the baseball diamond to push ourselves with running and core exercises.

Welcome, Introduction, Disclaimer.  

Quote:  Stop Wishing. Start Doing. 

Run around the large loop … end up by the upper parking lot (by the steps)

Circle up for warm-up exercises: 

  • Good Mornings,  Sumo Squats, Windmills, Sir Fozio Arm Circles, with overhead claps

First Event:  Mosey to the sidewalk near the Community Center.  Core Exercises –  Reps = Age of each member of the PAX.

  • Call out an exercise – do the number of reps based on the age of a specific member of the PAX.  When we reach the age, stop the exercise, run across the field, up the hill, and return.
  • Plank Jacks, Monkey Humpers, Flutter Kicks, Sumo Squats, LBCs, Imperial Walker

Second Event:  Boxer Workout

  • Mike Tyson – Feet on the curb, perform horizontal squats, with a Merkin – 10x
  • Floyd Mayweathers 10x
  • Repeat (10 reps each)

Third Event:   Run to the baseball field.  Quarter Pounder.

  • Run 25 yards, do 25 Merkins, run backwards back to the start.
  • Run 50 yards, do 50 Squats, run backwards back to the start.
  • Run 75 yards, do 75 Mountain Climbers, run backwards back to the start.
  • Run 100 yards, do 100 SSH, run backwards back to the start.

Fourth Event:  One guy runs the bases, the rest of the PAX exercises.

  • Balls to the Wall, Gorilla Humpers, SSHs, Plank Jacks, Merkins, Squats

Fifth Event:  Indian Run around the baseball field (by the outfield fence).

Mary – Dealer’s Choice = 15x

  • American Hammer, WWIIs, Poke the Hole, Side Twisters, Swivel to the ankles, LBCs, Homer to Marge

Name-A-Rama:  The Q forgot this part of the workout.  My apologies.


Prayer Requests:

  • Watson’s friend at church who is in hospice care for pancreatic cancer.
  • Bartman’s father who is transitioning into an assisted living home.

Closing Prayer:  Watson lead the PAX in prayer.